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Jo Ann Romero is founding President and owner of StrategyWorks, Inc. (SWI) an organizational development consulting and training firm specializing in troubleshooting complex business issues, obtaining clear focus and achieving greater effectiveness. SWI is dedicated to providing practical approaches for development, reinforcement and implementation of strategy, developing alliances and partnerships and fostering a creative and productive work force.

Jo Ann brings over 25 years' experience in business, management and leadership development, consulting, facilitation and training. For the past 20 years, she has been an OD practitioner in the nuclear, environmental, energy, defense, natural resource and human resource industries. During that time she has designed and led numerous major system improvements. Jo Ann has assisted a variety of firms and clients achieve success in setting direction and focus, develop and sustain teams and alliances, formulate and implement change, and create and implement systematic approaches for leadership and executive development, attraction, selection and retention.

Jo Ann is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, particularly for her client focus, innovation and creativity. She enjoys a reputation for providing business-relevant, practical approaches to her work.

Prior to starting her company, Jo Ann managed and led the Business and Leadership Development efforts for Sandia National Laboratories, a one billion dollar research and development firm employing over ten thousand people. Prior to that assignment, Jo Ann spent ten years as a senior organizational development consultant working across the firm on a variety of issues resulting in successful implementation of processes and system improvements. The areas of success include setting strategy and direction for programs and projects, leadership, management and career development, the first formal mentor and succession planning efforts, and numerous conferences and large-scale events.

Jo Ann has received a variety of awards for leading improvements in the areas of leadership development, strategy and corporate alignment, 360-degree assessment, systematic and cost-effective approaches for training, linking various human resource processes to business needs, and streamlining numerous operational activities.

Jo Ann holds a BA and MBA; certifications in Organizational Development and Advanced Human Resources Management from Columbia University; and 120 postgraduate hours in Advanced Instructional Design and Adult Learning Methodology. Jo Ann is a certified Instructional Systems Designer and executive coach.

Dr. Karen Kline has over 25 years of experience in leadership development and coaching, team building, training, organizational and process analysis and reengineering. She has worked with all levels of management and executives in numerous organizations and government agencies in leadership development and process improvement. Dr. Kline aided in the development of ILD, an individual leadership development program used with numerous executives. The ILD incorporated the results of such questionnaires as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help individuals improve management and leadership skills. Dr. Kline is a certified leadership coach and has coached numerous high potential employees resulting in improved leadership skills. As a trained Malcomb Baldrige examiner, Dr. Kline aids organizations attempting to improve the quality of their organization, from leadership to customer service to workforce management.

Rita Finley Chalamidas is our VP of Leadership DevelopmentRita holds certifications in business etiquette and professional coaching. Rita has been with StrategyWorks, Inc. for over 15 years and has an extensive background in business, leadership, management development, consulting, facilitation, and training. She has been an organizational development practitioner in the natural resource and human resource industries and has conducted a variety of workshops and facilitations intended to assist her clients deal with a variety of organizational issues. Rita has also worked with a variety of land management clients to achieve success via project management, strategic planning, and a variety of training events. Prior to working with us, Rita managed and led a variety of groups in the private industry sector. She enjoys a reputation for providing her customers and clients with practical approaches to solve a myriad of business issues.

Rita has designed and implemented processes to improve business results, won numerous awards for her management and leadership abilities, and conducted training seminars for a variety of people in a number of areas, particularly in diversity, collaboration and partnerships, performance management, customer service, emotional intelligence and civility in the workplace.

Lucia Turner is singly focused on transferring her significant leadership experience and knowledge gained throughout her long and successful Federal career. Her passion is assisting in the preparation of future leaders to affect a successful future for their organizations. Lucia’s strengths are in transfer of her knowledge, skill, and experience in initiating change, reorganization and collaboration with diverse organizations resulting in satisfying solutions. Lucia has worked with StrategyWorks, Inc. delivering a variety of supervisory and leadership training across the United States.

A few of Lucia’s areas of distinction include:  A history of success working collaboratively with multiple constituencies and with significant complexity; a demonstrated track record of delivering results by navigating through regulatory environment with numerous Federal, State, and local Government entities, Tribal Governments, and private organizations and a reputation for bringing disparate interests of ranchers, farmers, State and Federal Governments, Academia and business together for the greater good.  Lucia was instrumental in developing processes and methods for implementation of organization-wide change and influential in development of non-traditional methods to carry out Departmental requirements.  Lucia was cited throughout her career for outstanding service and commitment.  

Launi DeYoung, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MSOD, is a Senior Consultant with StrategyWorks, Inc.  Launi has an 

extensive background in human resources, talent management and organizational development.  She has
    experience working with Senior Leadership with both small private/entrepreneurial organizations and Fortune 100 companies, and is an innovative problem solver and strong collaborator.  Launi holds a Master of Science in Organizational Development.  
    Launi's professional experience include:  Providing consulting and expert facilitation in areas including, but not limited to: talent management, employment practices, organizational design, leadership development, team building, and process improvement strategies.  She has significant experience in leadership talent management including high potential identification and development and succession plans. Program Manager of a $1M leadership development program for a 10,000 employee organization.  

    Lisa Frietas has worked with SWI since 2001. Lisa creates and maintains all training and marketing materials, provides graphic design services and assists with course development and training. Lisa specializes in customer service, intercultural competence and communication. She's been involved in numerous special projects and business development strategies for SWI and a variety of our clients.  Lisa’s marketing and business development expertise includes research (capture & market), proposal management, technical writing, editing, and layout services. Experience includes design and layout of marketing/sales and training materials; government proposals; newsletter writing, layout and distribution for internal or external communication; technical publications; employee handbooks; advanced presentation design; reports, and marketing materials.

    David Goodnow has worked as the Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer for SWI since 1997.   Dave's role is to provide project coordination ensuring the projects and all related processes run smoothly.  Dave is known for his ability to manage multiple tasks, coordinate activities, resources, equipment and information.  Dave provides customer interface; administrative and billing services and strategic and business planning.  Dave retired from Sandia National Laboratories after a long career where he held a variety of technical and scientific assignments.